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The San Diego City College Women's Volleyball team is off to a 3-0 start to the 2017 season.  Head Coach Dede Bodnar and athletes Megan Seyer, Marissa Thomas, and Shatha Julima join us in studio to discuss the season and what it is like to be part of San Diego City College athetics.

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Roses without Thorns is a short film written, produced, and directed by San Diego City College Students.  In this episode, Assistant Director Julio Martinez Valle and cast members Cristian Molina and Melanie McCorkle join us for a discussion about the project and how the City College students from different disciplines with the Radio, Television & Film (RTVF) and Drama departments have partnered to display the knowledge skills and abilities they have gain at San Diego City College.  The short film written by student director Brandon Burns Shirini attempts to bring awareness to mental health issues.  The cast and crew have started fundraising efforts to fund the project.  The project is scheduled to start filming later this month. 

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Sweetwater Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Karen Janney & Sweetwater Education Association President Gene Chavira join me on this episode to discuss some of the pre and post Sweetwater Corruption Scandal issues within the School District.  Topics discussed include the Corruption Scandal, the iPad initiative, Solar Panels, the L Street Property, the post corruption scandal leadership and more.

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Interview with Dr. Ryan Burke, Director of Adult Education for Sweetwater Union High School District.  Dr. Burke discusses program offerings by the Adult Education Department in the Sweetwater District and current issues in adult education including budgetary concerns.

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Live interview with Olympian High Track and Field Captains for the 2017 season.  Athletes discuss their leadership, personal and team goals for the season.  The secon hour of the interviw is with Dr. Jay Marquand, the Director of Alternative Education for the Sweetwater Union High School District.  Dr. Marquand discusses the alternative education strategies and programs being deployed in the Sweetwater Union High School District.

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Interview with Lincoln High PTO member Francine Maxwell and Community Education Advocate Sally Smith.  This discussion follows a day or protest and a student walkout as a result of the San Diego Unified School Districts failure to assign a permanent Principal at the school.

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Interview with Torrey Pines parent Wendy Gumb and Hoover High School Track Coach Chris Brewster.  Interview follows an article published by the San Diego Union Tribune describing the collection of fees from parents by the Torrey Pines Foundation in support of the Torrey Pines Baseball Program.  The Torrey Pines Foundation supports athletic programs at Torrey Pines High School.

Interview discusses some current issues in high school athletics such as:


Student Fees

Pay to Play

Competitive Equity

Role of Foundations

Social and economic barriers to access. 

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Interview with San Diego City College Student Vince Fanghella and Professor Laura Castaneda.  Vince and I are students in the Radio, Television, and Film Department at San Diego City College.  Professor Castaneda is a former chair of the Department.  Discussion includes:


RTVF Program

RTVF Facilities and Construction Bond

Class Offerings

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